Shin, Calf & Ankle

When pain in your lower extremities literally knocks you off your feet,  we can help you regain function with our holistic approach.



We first assess and clear your lumbar spine to insure that it is not the source or a contributing factor to the dysfunction in the lower leg.  Likewise, we will check the function of your hips and knees.

The ankle and foot are a fantastic picture of dynamic design where muscles, ligaments, and joints work together to allow both mobility and stability.  You need mobility in order to absorb the stress of the load of the body when the foot first hits the ground.  You also need stability as the foot becomes a rigid lever that propels you forward.  Our clinicians, who are trained and skilled at assessing your gait pattern, can determine whether the joints are moving properly in all of the foot and ankle.  If not, they will perform hands-on mobilization to restore the movement of the joints to get your biomechanics back to normal.

There are times that your foot may need the structural help that comes from orthotics.  After we have insured that your joint mobility has been restored as much as possible, we take impressions for the manufacturing of orthotics in the clinic.

Whether you are trying to walk to the car or you are trying to get across the goal line, we will come along side of you to get your feet back on solid ground again.


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