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Headaches are complex issues to assess and address. When you have a headache, you tend to think that it is something in your head – your brain – that is the source of your pain. However, we need to remember that your brain is where we perceive pain. It may not necessarily be the source of the pain. The upper neck is where the nerves come from that provide sensation to your head. So any dysfunction in the way these are functioning can present as headaches. Furthermore, branches off of these nerves interact with the cranial nerves, giving the possibility for other symptoms to arise such as issues with your vision, dizziness, tinnitus and balance.



We are trained to assess the function of your neck to ensure that the vertebrae and the muscles are moving properly and that all the tissues are functioning the best that they can. We address these issues with manual hands-on work on the soft tissue and joints and follow this with exercises in the clinic and at home.

Even if you have had headaches for decades, you can be free of them and free of your attempts to manage them.

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