Thank you for helping me get my life back…

Several years ago I was injured in a very bad car wreck. Fortunately, my spouse had heard great things about the physical therapists at PROMPT, and as always was completely on the right track. At first I could hardly move and now I am getting back to my active lifestyle. I am so very grateful to Steve Bailey and the other staffers who made this journey possible!. Thank you all for giving me my life back!

R. Noel

What our patients are saying…

PROMPT Patient Testimonials

All the Lofaro family’s needs, from post-surgical therapy to muscle and joint pain relief, have really been helped by the staff at PROMPT over many years. Their expertise, professionalism, and kindness are truly appreciated and we highly recommend them to others seeking care.

Michael & Nancy Lofaro

The staff are excellent, without a doubt. They handled the hustle and bustle of a busy practice just great, with special consideration for the needs of seniors.

Gary Kaplan

The staff are extremely nice, helpful, knowledgable and professional. The therapy center has a great atmosphere. They are easy to reach and flexible when our hectic schedules change. I’ve recommended them to several friends, and to my husband, too! He went to a different therapist after his first knee replacement but was not satisfied. He came to PROMPT after his second knee replacement and they were so much better.

Celia McCullough

“After working with four different PT groups in the area, I finally found the care and treatment that worked for me at PROMPT Physical Therapy. Steve Bailey and his team work together to implement a custom-made program of treatment for whatever ails you!”

Marjorie Stephens

“I first went to PROMPT with a herniated disc, thinking that this was an insurance requirement before they would approve surgery. Steve and his staff worked in such a way that I am completely healed and NO surgery was required. After that, I had a total knee replacement, went to PROMPT, and am back to normal with my new knee. I would recommend PROMPT to anyone!”

Tom McCarley, III

“The reason I would recommend PROMPT Physical Therapy is because they actually care that you get better. The staff want to see you improve and not have to come back, they care about your progress.”

Matthew Zaczyk