Knee or Thigh

Perhaps your doctor told you that you have arthritis in your knee or that you have torn your ACL ligament.  Whether you had to pursue the surgical route or are trying to manage the issue conservatively, we are here to guide you through recovery.



Our assessment identifies how the tissue has failed while addressing and restoring appropriate knee movement.  For instance, getting your knee straight isn’t a matter of pushing the knee straight but insuring that the tibia is moving properly on the femur.  Our residency trained physical therapists are equipped to assess and address your knee issues with appropriate hands-on work of soft tissue and joint mobilizations.  We will also look above the knee at the hip and lumbar spine and below the knee at the feet and ankles to identify and address any factors that are influencing the function of the knee.  Your knee will have a hard time getting better if the mechanics at your foot are incorrect.  Finally, exercise is used to help make the tissue more resilient and to strengthen for dynamic control so you can get back to daily activities on or off the field.

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