Dr. Danielle Wilson

PROMPT Physical Therapist

About Dr. Danielle Wilson:

Danielle has experience working with children with neurological involvement including Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Autism, Down’s syndrome and other genetic disorders, as well as with babies with torticollis and children who have not yet met their developmental milestones. Her training includes NDT (Neurodevelopmental Training), intensive therapy, myofascial release, RMT (Rhythmic Movement Training), and childhood development.

Daniel Wilson and Family Enjoy The Outdoors
Paul and Daniel Wilson enjoy hiking in the Pacific Northwest.

Danielle’s Training and Education…

Danielle graduated from Azusa Pacific University in 2013 with an Applied Exercise Science degree. She continued her education at Azusa to receive her doctorate in physical therapy in 2016. Since graduating, Danielle has worked primarily in outpatient pediatrics providing physical therapy to children with special needs.  More recently, she created her own business focused on promoting gross motor development through play. She is passionate about helping other parents and caregivers find easy ways to promote development throughout their daily routines and has several educational videos on social media including a “tummy time” class.

Danielle looks forward to exploring all of the outdoor opportunities in the area, trying lots of new food, and enjoying their new church community.

Danielle, Paul, and their two young boys (Zion and Judah) have relocated to Knoxville to follow God’s call and to join their extended family here.