The goal of AMPS physical therapy at PROMPT is to retrain the body and nervous system and rewire the “amplified” pain.


Physical Therapy for


The Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome Program at Prompt: 

Here at Prompt, we strive to provide ways to address your pain and help you return to your physical activity. Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome (AMPS) is a painful condition that can cause pain or hypersensitivity anywhere in the body and interferes with daily activities.

Overcome AMPs and celebrate, winning a sports match.

AMPs can be triggered by a past injury or illness, trauma, stress, or at times no apparent cause. Every pain experience we have is regulated by our nervous system, however AMPS is characterized by an abnormal nervous system response that continues to create pain messages within our brain and body outside of any musculoskeletal damage or tissue injury.


Back to enjoying their bikes after AMPs treatment.


The goal of physical therapy is to retrain the body and nervous system to rewire the “amplified” pain signals,  to restore function, and return to one’s normal activities. The best outcomes have been shown with a multidisciplinary approach, physical activity, desensitization and cognitive behavioral therapy. Our physical therapists will help empower you to get back to your previous activity level through creating a plan including exercise, education, and desensitization training.

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