Chest or Rib

Chest and rib pain can present from all kinds of mechanisms – car accidents and the impact of seat belts, sports injuries, extreme coughing spells, etc.  You may not be able to take a deep breath, sit at a computer for an extended time, or sleep uninterrupted because you turned to the wrong side.



The key is understanding what tissue is causing your brain to tell you that your mid back, chest and/or ribs are hurting.  Again, this signal can come from the collagen of the disc, ligaments, or tendons to the articular cartilage of the joints between the vertebrae.  Often there are issues with the movement between the vertebrae themselves, the ribs and the vertebrae, the ribs and the sternum, and between the ribs themselves.  These issues would need to be addressed with manual hands-on work to normalize the tone of the muscles (how much they are firing) and the movement at all of those joints.  Exercise is important to restore a proper firing pattern within the muscles and to lay down receptors that help tell the muscles how to fire.  Once again, we cooperate with the patient to help guide them through the interventions that provide better function and tissue tolerance.  That is how you get rid of pain!

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