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Hip or Low Back – The statistics are significant: almost everyone will experience low back pain in their lifetime.  Why?  One way to look at the issue is to understand that the structure of the spine is designed for both movement and stability.  The spine’s function is dependent on the tissues that make it up having the tolerance to handle the stress that you place on them.  Every day tasks make it difficult to maintain and build functional tolerance in tissues while often placing excessive load on those tissues.

This combination leads to tissue breakdown!



As we partner with you for healing, we will assess which tissue has succumbed to stress and try to understand the root cause.  Perhaps the vertebrae do not move sufficiently to give the tissues the good stress they need to maintain their health.  Perhaps the vertebrae move too much and place too much stress on the collagen of the disc or the cartilage of the joints between the vertebras.  Excessive motion would relate to insufficient control of the small muscles connecting the vertebrae. As you can see, there is a complexity to the structure and the function of the spine that demands a complexity in the therapeutic approach.

Our residency training in manual physical therapy provides that complexity in assessment and treatment with a hands-on approach of soft tissue and joint mobilizations and exercise.

The back affects the hips and the hips affect the back.  The specific assessment noted above will differentiate what appears to be coming from your hip and what is coming from your back and how they affect each other.  The approach allows us to treat the cartilage in your hip joint if you have some arthritic changes.  At the same time, we are able to insure that the lower lumbar spine is not affecting the muscles that stabilize your pelvis and femur, which could produce more load on the hip joint.  Perhaps you’ve already had a hip replacement but continue to walk with a limp.  Perhaps you are an athlete that has had a labral repair, and you need someone to give you direction as you strive to get back on the field, court, or dance floor.  We are here to help.

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