Dr. Anna Saunders

PROMPT Physical Therapist


About Dr. Anna Saunders:

Our newest physical therapist, Anna Saunders, is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama Birmingham PT program where she received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.  A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Anna previously received a B.S. in Health Science from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, where she was a member of the women’s collegiate soccer team.

Dr. Anna Saunders enjoys hiking and photography.
Dr. Anna Saunders enjoys Christmas with Family

Anna’s Training and Education…

Anna’s experience in college athletics fueled her interest in physical therapy, particularly sports medicine and rehabilitation. In her spare time, Anna enjoys a variety of activities including hiking, reading, crafting, and crocheting.

“I enjoy competition whether it’s jigsaw puzzle contests, 5Ks, or being the first to the mountaintop.”

“Staying active is an important part of my life.”